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The Tenth Harvest

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The Tenth Harvest
In wine farms time is marked by “harvests” rather than “years”. The harvest is indeed the highlight of the agricultural year, in which is expressed the valuable work done long in the vineyards. The year 2006 was my tenth harvest, a very important stage of this adventure in the world of wine, started back in 1997 almost as a joke.

I thought that such a significant moment had to be properly celebrated, and the best way I found was, of course, to produce an “out of series” extra-quality wine. Therefore I chose the vine that represents as a symbol these beautiful hills where I decided to live, Barbera. A small amount of selected grapes from our best vineyard (an authentic historical vineyard of more than 60 years of age), gave us a wine of exceptional power and concentration, which was longly aged in oak barrels, to eventually come aout as the product that now testifies on one hand the love with which I try to do this difficult and beautiful work, and on the other the satisfaction and pride to have reached this important step.
I want to ideally dedicate my Tenth Harvest to all people who over the years encouraged and supported me.
Donatella Giannotti

The Tenth Harvest
Red Wine – 2006

The grapes come from the oldest vineyard, where the low vigor of individual strains provides few bunches of exceptional concentration.

Barbera in purity.

The grapes are harvested by hand in boxes of 15 kg each.

After rasping and soft pressing, fermentation and maceration take place in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature for 15 days; after racking and a first decant, the wine comes in barriques where malolactic fermentation takes place.

The wine matures for a long time of about 5 years in french oak barrels, aged for 4 years in open air.

Colour: ruby red intense and compact, with beautiful garnet tones.
Bouquet: fine and broad, very complex and elegant; the wine shows notes of plum and ripe blackberry, herbs (myrtle, laurel), spices (pepper, clove) and beautiful shades of violet
Taste: very full, harmonious and opulent, with a final long finish, reminiscent of the dominant olfactory notes.

To be served at a temperature of 18° C, in large glasses.

Game birds and fur, aged cheese, great creative cuisine dishes; very pleasant also on its own.