Cascina Montagnola

The farm

The farm

Our adventure begins on a cold and snowy sunday in January 1988 when, after a walk in the countryside near the country house of some friends of us from Milan, we ran into a rural property, indeed semi-abandoned but impressive for its soul, filled with stories from the past. It was the location called lower Montagnola, which included the manorial house ‘Villa Margherita’
We were in Viguzzolo, in Tortona hills, between Monferrato and the Ligurian Apennines .
The fantasy galloped quickly and in a few hours my husband returned home, at he time in the surrounding countryside of Milan, with an old key to a door dating back to a period between end ‘800 and beginning of ‘900.

The land is the greatest wealth of man: loving and respecting it is enough to be able to enjoy its fruits . Cascina Montagnola is located in Tortona hills, between the Oltrepò Pavese and the Ligurian Apennines, in an area particularly suited to viticulture.
The farm covers a total of eighteen hectares, ten of which are vineyards, six arable land and one orchard, with a park that encompasses the main house.

The official first vintage was in 1997 with a first shy and limited bottling of Barbera, Rodeo variety, coming from a vineyard dating back to the ’50s who remembered a little strong army of warriors who had resisted time, sickness, weather events, and still wanted to give a lot to whom would have had the willing and the ability to love them.
It was the only one hectare cultivated on the property at that time.
Soon after we planted Cortese, Chardonnay and Croatina vineyards. But at the time experts were beginning to talk about Timorasso, the current ‘password’ for anyone willing to enter the oenological world in Tortona.


Then, in 2006, we made the first harvest of one of our most prestigious bottles, the Morasso, the dialect word used locally for this kind of grape, difficult to manage but full of charm to be discovered. In 2010 we started to produce the new vineyard Sauvignon, a very reputable white wine that completes our range, currently composed of 10 labels. Some of those are real gems and niche products, with really low production numbers, with a current total of about 30,000 bottles .
Land, grapes and nature: the perfect place to call home.

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The vineyards

Our vineyards grow on a gentle slope, exposed to the best sun, from southwest, and with a limestone-clay soil that gives the grapes the most precious elements. The oldest vineyard is Barbera, which dates back to the 50s and is stille remembered by the elderly Viguzzolo inhabitants.
In 1990 were planted the vineyards of Cortese, Chardonnay and Croatina and, more recently, those of Timorasso, Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot. Three generations living together in dialogue with the land.

The cellar

The cellar has been placed in a historic farm arcade, used in the past as stable, barn and tool shed, completely renovated in the 90s.

it is equipped with all the modern and technological facilities suitable to get the quality results that we set.

In the same building we have obtained the barrel room and a cozy tasting room.

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