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Our latest wines

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We kept them “secrets” for a while, but now with Christmas approaching, we want to show you our latest wines, because we believe they could become a very special gift…


For a few years we’ve been delighted with late harvests, why not trying with Timorasso? In 2012 we left the goldest and brightest grapes over aged on the vine and, you know, with this vine variety the result can only be interesting. Young, to be tasted immediately or to forget in the cellar till a date to be set.



During our 10 years of cellar’s activity we introduced the extraordinary Decima Vendemmia (Tenth Harvest), memorable Barbera in purity, year 2006 (still a baby), aged 5 years in oak barrels; in the same way this year, to celebrate our 15 septembers of harvest, we have “created” this wine whose name marks a further important step. This time is our selected Barbera with a 40% of a same quality Merlot. Vintage 2011.

Tre Lustri

Cascina Montagnola on SpazioVino for Project DOC 365

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(Italiano) La Marenda Sinoira alla Montagnola

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Rodeo’s wine reviewed on Ristorantiweb

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After Derthona, offered with a speciality of the chef  Enrico Crippa, from Alba’s restaurant “Piazza Duomo“, also our Rodeo got a review on the online magazine Ristoranti.


“You pour it, look at it, smell it, taste it and you like everything. Rich, full, with a dark, inscrutable ruby red colour. It smell of cinnamon, tobacco, ripe red fruits, while is hot, alcoholic, soft, and very very rich in your mouth. It’s also well-balanced and harmonious. There’s not a perfume out of place and even alcohol can bring it out of way. The soft and sweet tannins complete that flavour frame._DSC2042


That full Barbera, even if demanding, deserves our highlighting. We love it for its fresh and vinous fragrance, that it “proudly” preserve a few years after the harvest.

Very persistent on the nose and, in the mouth, is not the every day wine to drink, but it should be combined cleverly to certain dishes. It brings out its best with rich and savory recipes.

Perfect (we know, a “banal” combination, but we can’t avoid it) with the game, it goes well with red meat grilled or stewed. Try it with grilled pork ribs and sausage, or, in my opinione is the best, with marbled cheese.
From our national gorgonzola (the natural one, the “sweet” other… I can’t describe) to a Roquefort or Stilton english (high quality only).

The last merit: it keeps itself well with no problem for several years yet.”


Our Derthona and the chef Enrico Crippa’s recipe

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The multi-starred chef Enrico Crippa, for ten years mentor of the Alba’s “Piazza Duomo”  restaurant, has created one of his specialities for the “Ristoranti“ magazine combined with our Derthona wine

Home Ristoranti

Ristoranti is the magazine signed by Il Sole 24 ORE Business Media completely dedicated to the the restaurant world, born from the experience of Bargiornale and Gruppo 24 ORE.
It’s aim is to talk about restaurant world from a totally new point of view: the one of business-restaurant, as never called as today to evolve in order to maintain a leading role in the marketplace, and to implement services able to create value in the business management.


On May issue of the magazine you can find the proposed combination and a short review of our Derthona – Colli Tortonesi DOC 2010: “... has full flavor, fruity with rich notes of ripe fruit and pleasant mineral nuances that make it perfect with the Crippa’s recipe”.

“…A white wine like this has very few limits to match. Perfect with grilled fish, seafood, pasta with seafood, is great on pies, stuffed vegetables, omelettes with herbs and grilled white meat.”

Cascina Montagnola to Vinitaly 2015

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Vinitaste Milan, march 7th and 8th: meet, taste, buy

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Vinitaste Milano

Vinity is the on-line wine shop for inquiring and wine lovers looking for something new, a website that want to bring customer through the world of Italian wine, made of little gems, native vines reevalueted and brought back to the top by skilled winegrowers who are as good as those fabulous ranting names.

Saturay 7th and Sunday, March 8th, in Milano, at Spazio Zona K Vinity presents “Vinitaste – meet, taste, buy”, a tasting out of ordinary, indipendent, with the producers in first person and the opportunity to taste all the wines you want and buy them directly.
The entrance fee of €15,00 (€10,00 by booking online) gives you an “Open” tasting without limits, at the option of buying bottles directly.

Un weekend tra decine di vini di tredici regioni italiane, isole comprese, per un viaggio enologico da intenditori, ricco di aromi avvolgenti e profumi intensi delle terre e dei vitigni d’origine.

A weekend among dodozen wines of thirteen Italian regions, including islands, a wine trip for connoisseurs, full of the native lands and vineyards overwhelming aromas and intense scents.

Cascina Montagnola will attend the event and awaits you with it’s selection of wines.

Saturday 7th and Sunday, March 8th
2.30 – 8-30 pm
Spazio Zona K
Via Spalato 11 – MILAN
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