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Our latest wines

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We kept them “secrets” for a while, but now with Christmas approaching, we want to show you our latest wines, because we believe they could become a very special gift…


For a few years we’ve been delighted with late harvests, why not trying with Timorasso? In 2012 we left the goldest and brightest grapes over aged on the vine and, you know, with this vine variety the result can only be interesting. Young, to be tasted immediately or to forget in the cellar till a date to be set.



During our 10 years of cellar’s activity we introduced the extraordinary¬†Decima Vendemmia (Tenth Harvest), memorable Barbera in purity, year 2006 (still a baby), aged 5 years¬†in oak barrels; in the same way this year, to celebrate our 15 septembers of harvest, we have “created” this wine whose name marks a further important step. This time is our selected Barbera with a 40% of a same quality Merlot. Vintage 2011.

Tre Lustri