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Rodeo’s wine reviewed on Ristorantiweb

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After Derthona, offered with a speciality of the chef  Enrico Crippa, from Alba’s restaurant “Piazza Duomo“, also our Rodeo got a review on the online magazine Ristoranti.


“You pour it, look at it, smell it, taste it and you like everything. Rich, full, with a dark, inscrutable ruby red colour. It smell of cinnamon, tobacco, ripe red fruits, while is hot, alcoholic, soft, and very very rich in your mouth. It’s also well-balanced and harmonious. There’s not a perfume out of place and even alcohol can bring it out of way. The soft and sweet tannins complete that flavour frame._DSC2042


That full Barbera, even if demanding, deserves our highlighting. We love it for its fresh and vinous fragrance, that it “proudly” preserve a few years after the harvest.

Very persistent on the nose and, in the mouth, is not the every day wine to drink, but it should be combined cleverly to certain dishes. It brings out its best with rich and savory recipes.

Perfect (we know, a “banal” combination, but we can’t avoid it) with the game, it goes well with red meat grilled or stewed. Try it with grilled pork ribs and sausage, or, in my opinione is the best, with marbled cheese.
From our national gorgonzola (the natural one, the “sweet” other… I can’t describe) to a Roquefort or Stilton english (high quality only).

The last merit: it keeps itself well with no problem for several years yet.”